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Who is Rick Brown? @cleaninglaunch

Rick Brown is the founder of Mastery Cleaning Inc which does over 7 figures Annually in ongoing commercial cleaning contracts and has been sharing the knowledge on Youtube to help cleaning business owners to stop cleaning and get commercial cleaning contracts so they can create a business that works for them instead of trading time always cleaning. If you do what I show you, you will have a lifetime of financial and time freedom.

Why Am I Giving This Away For Free?

I'm on a mission to change thousands of lives, by helping you make money, growing your mindset/knowledge and by showing you how the business works. Your more likely to work with me 1:1 so you can take your commercial cleaning business to the next level and I made over 5m in commercial contracts so by working 1:1, you simply sky rocket your business with my systems and by having a mentor by your side, there's a lot more to it but first I must show you how it's done so make sure to watch the free course, start making money and when your ready, we can chat and go from there.

What does the free course cover?

  • Contains over 20 videos lessons after scaling a 5m commercial cleaning business

  • Learn How Make 25k+ per month with Ongoing Commercial Cleaning Contracts

  • You Will See Exactly How To Price The Cleaning Contracts

  • How to Find/Close The Commercial Cleaning Contracts and Find Leads

  • How to Automate The Business

  • How to find reliable cleaners